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200ft Bufferzone & Dreams

In our shared vision, Remington Woods isn't just a forest; it's a place where nature thrives and communities come alive. Even with limited public access (the 200-ft buffer zone around the forest's perimeter), the dream for Remington Woods includes accessible pathways for learning about nature, with boardwalks for peaceful walks and birdwatching adventures.


It's a place where you can capture nature's beauty through photography and explore winding bike trails for relaxation and excitement. Beyond recreation, it's a place to unwind, helping to improve the mental and physical health of Bridgeport & Stratford residents. It's also a vibrant hub for Bridgeport's art scene, where creativity flourishes alongside the rustling leaves and chirping birds.


By renaming the woods, we're reclaiming its identity and celebrating its importance to our community. It's a space where we can address youth violence by providing jobs and opportunities for positive engagement, creating a brighter future for everyone.


Community Voices
Dreams for Remington Woods

Adam, Bridgeport

The forest and lake would be a great urban get away....Plus Bridgeport is over populated per square more building.
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