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The Full Scope

Remington Woods Updates 2024

Remington Woods, a 422-acre urban forest in Fairfield County, was at risk of destruction for over two decades. In October 2023, Corteva, the property owners, announced their serious consideration of a long-term conservation plan in partnership with the federal government.


With a history of serving as a site for munitions manufacturing and testing during World War II, the Woods are set to undergo an environmental cleanup by 2025. We are thrilled that the property owners no longer seek to replace this invaluable natural treasure with an eco-business park.  

Remington Woods is a part of the lands home to the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribal Nation.

1987 - 2009

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Debris Field Study Conducted

  • UXO Verification (scanning and probing the terrain to assess if there are unexploded items of ordnance embedded in the ground)

  • Vegetation Removal

  • Geophysical Data Collection

Read More: Community Advisory Panel Minutes 


  • Soil Stabilization & Capping

  • Preparation Activities for Success Lake Remediation

  • Wetland Planning, Creation, and Planting

  • Public Meeting & Comment Period/ Consent Order Modification (2016)

  • Roadway Brook & Tracer Brook Remediation

  • Construction Planning (2017)

  • Dupont & DOW Merger Announced 2019

    Read More: Community Advisory Panel Minutes 


  • UXO Verification & Destruction continued

  • Geophysical Studies Continued

  • Soil Stabilization Activities & Capping

  • Drum Removal (buried drums containing debris, waste, wax, machine oil, etc.)

  • Groundwater Monitoring (including Lake Success)

  • Success Lake Remediation Planning & Lake Scannings

  • Bus Tours

    Read More: Community Advisory Panel Minutes 


  • Wetland Investigation, Monitoring & Sampling 

  • Upland Soil addressed

  • Success Lake Remediation & Restoration Complete 

    • Includes Water Treatment 

    • Managing and Recovering Munitions 

    • Sediment Processing 

  • 2020 & 2023 Bus Tours 

  • Corteva announces that "the eco-business park is no longer on the table" and declares commitment to consider long-term conservation plan with federal government agencies over development plans

    Read More: Community Advisory Panel Minutes 

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