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I want to make what's below a timeline, but I can't figure out how

1875 - Dam impounding Lake Success is built

1906 - Remington Arms purchases the property surrounding Lake Success. Over the coming decades, Remington Arms stores and tests munitions at the site, hence the name Remington Woods.

1933 - DuPont purchases Remington Arms

1989 - Remington Arms ceases use of the site

1990 - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Remington Arms enter an Administrative Consent Order requiring Remington Arms to remediate the site. The state of Connecticut also places Remington Arms under a legal consent order. Cleanup efforts begin

1993 - Ownership of Remington Woods is transferred to Sporting Goods Properties, Inc. (SGP), a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont

1999 - EPA places an Environmental Use Land Restriction on the site

2017 - Dow Chemical and DuPont merge to form DowDupont

2019 - DowDuPont's agrichemical business is spun out as Corteva. Corteva becomes the corporate parent of SGP

Bridgeport updates its Plan of Conservation and Development to include the goal to "coordinate with neighboring and regional planning bodies to advance the clean-up and reuse of the Remington Woods/Lake success property as a regional site tha 

2021 - Despite public outcry, the Bridgeport Planning Department rezones Remington Woods from "Light industrial use" to "Mixed commercial use"

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