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​#SaveRemingtonWoods is a Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter campaign pioneered by Friends of Remington Woods. We aim to protect Remington Woods from development and allow public access to environmentally stable portions of the site. We believe that nature matters most when everyone gets a chance to experience it, no matter their walk of life. We are made up of community members and a coalition of local and environmental organizations.


Taken By: Reggy S. Aspetuck Land Trust 2023, Ash Creek Bridgeport, CT


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We are on a mission to preserve Remington Woods, a vital 422-acre urban forest, for the benefit of Bridgeport and Stratford communities. Here's how we're making a difference:

  • Building Strong Coalitions: We've formed powerful alliances across various sectors, bringing together land trusts, community groups, and environmental advocates. Together, we're pooling our resources and expertise to protect Remington Woods.

  • Community Outings: We organize outings, including birdwatching and nature walks, to connect the community with the beauty and value of Remington Woods. These outings foster a deeper appreciation for the forest and its importance.

  • Amplifying Community Voices: We're passionate about hearing from our community members. Petitions and signatures are a powerful way for residents to voice their vision for conserved woods. We're actively collecting signatures to demonstrate widespread support for preservation.

  • Educational Workshops: Our workshops provide essential knowledge about the significance of Remington Woods. We cover topics like biodiversity, climate resilience, and the role of forests in mitigating climate change. These workshops empower our community to be informed advocates

  • Turning Vision into Action: We're working on concrete plans to ensure Remington Woods remains a green space. This includes advocating for policies that protect the forest and exploring sustainable management strategies.

  • Forging New Partnerships: We're continually seeking like-minded partners who share our commitment to preserving urban green spaces including local leaders and nonprofit organizations. Collaborations with organizations and individuals strengthen our cause.

  • Community Education: We're dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of Remington Woods through outreach and educational initiatives. Our goal is to inspire environmental stewardship and a sense of shared responsibility.

In all our endeavors, our aim is to ensure that Remington Woods thrives as a natural treasure, supporting biodiversity, community well-being, and a sustainable future.

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