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Welcome to Remington Woods, a remarkable 422-acre forest nestled in the heart of one of the Northeast's most densely populated urban areas. This extraordinary natural gem boasts diverse landscapes, including a 23-acre lake, lush woodlands, meadows, and vital wetlands, including vernal pools.


The majority of this pristine forest, covering 347 acres, calls the vibrant city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, home, while an additional 75 acres grace the town of Stratford. Remington Woods stands as a truly unique ecosystem, a vast, uninterrupted, natural urban wildlife sanctuary.


Here, a rich tapestry of wildlife finds refuge, from Eastern wood turtles and night herons to sparrow hawks, wood ducks, raptors, and more. Amphibians, freshwater fish, foxes, raccoons, deer, coyotes, and countless other species thrive within its boundaries, providing invaluable ecological services to the city.


Despite its significance, Remington Woods faces the looming threat of destruction. To safeguard this vital refuge, a sanctuary for both wildlife and human well-being, we are dedicated to preserving its pristine beauty and ensuring its future as a place of solace and support for all. Currently closed to the public, together, we can protect and cherish this urban oasis.


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Remington Woods is poised to become an urban sanctuary where both humans and wildlife can seek solace, rejuvenate, and thrive in the midst of our bustling city.

Imagine a serene haven where you can stroll, jog, practice yoga, indulge in photography or painting, engage in birdwatching, and simply immerse yourself in nature's wonders. With thoughtfully placed benches for relaxation and observation, you can take in the beauty of the wild while preserving this precious woodland community – a source of enrichment for us all.

The Woods is not just a place; it's an opportunity to learn about the interconnectedness of life. Informational signage will narrate the captivating story of this community, weaving together the tales of animals, and plants, their intricate relationships, and our shared history with them.

Our vision is for Remington Woods to foster life, both for its wild inhabitants and for us, creating an enriching environment where coexistence thrives.


Deep within Remington Woods lies the potential for a profound historical discovery. Connecticut State Archaeologist Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni believes that this forest holds significant historical value, potentially concealing unexplored ancient Native American burial and campsites. Regrettably, several camp and tool-making sites were lost during the construction of a post-war condominium complex nearby. Additionally, radio-dated sites dating back 7,000 years were uncovered less than two miles away in Trumbull, along the Pequonnock River. Remington Woods stands as a testament to our shared heritage, both natural and cultural.

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